Websites & Hosting

My company is a small entity serving businesses and non-profits in the Greater Roanoke Valley of Virginia. In many cases, my services are not for everyone, but I will tell you that up front so you don’t waste time getting to the right company for your needs. Being a part-time professional in this field, I am probably a best fit for those organizations which have some web development skill in-house, but not enough to fully navigate the waters of domain registration, server set-up, hosting decisions, and so forth. So what do I bring to the table? I focus on adding value by being attentive to the needs of company owners (i.e. the key decision-makers). I try to be more of a trusted consultant than you will get from a major discounter you find somewhere on the internet.

I am one phone call away. I am local. We can meet for lunch to talk about your company’s needs. My secret to business is that I try to listen closely. If a client requires a more robust server environment, or a more technically-savvy administrator, I am quick to decline the opportunity and make suggestions for other vendors in the region. I have clients who have been with me for over 10 years – so while you will certainly find discounted sources elsewhere, you may not always find the small business relationship you’re looking for.

Stephen Warren, owner

Domain Hosting Charges For Commerical and Non-Profit Clients

Hosting Package (first domain)

• 200 Mb file storage (more available upon request)

• 5 Gigabytes monthly bandwidth

• Emails forwarded from domain account to your current email address

• Apache server with full compliment of features, including FTP, SSL, Form Processing, CGI, PHP, and SQL and more

• C-panel access for site admins, with available instllations of Drupal, WordPress, forums, shopping carts, photo gallery, calendar, and more

Domain set up $50
Domain registration varies
Additional domains hosted $10/month